Future Of Real Estate In Hyderabad And Telangana Region After The Formation Of New Telangana State
Exclventures [ 05-03-2014 ]

With the passing of Andhra Pradesh Reorganization bill on 18th Feb 2014, Telangana is all set to become the 29th state in the country.  It was a forgone conclusion that the new state will be formed, after the Congress Working Committee resolved in July 2013, to proceed with the division of the state. 

To get political mileage and votes, it was essential for the Congress to push through the bill before the upcoming General Election.   With it’s political future in tatters in Seemandhra, it’s only hope was to get votes in Telangana on the strength of the perception that it is solely responsible for making the dream of the people of Telangana, come true, notwithstanding the years of agitation carried out by the TRS. 

Real Estate Price Trend and Analysis Report  for Hyderabad-(Source : Exclventures)

So here is the Real Estate growth story presented in numbers! You can see the scorching pace in 2006-07 and the fall that followed.  

In 2009 & 2010 prices came down due to the impact of agitation. From 2011 onwards prices started increasing and by early 2014, prices have reached the peak attained in 2007. In effect, even with Telangana formation in pipeline, prices have steadily increased from 2011. This is against the predictions of many “experts” who had said prices would crash.

Real Estate Market Outlook

Price movement in the Real Estate market is very much similar to that in stock market. Just like the stock market discounts the impact of various matters affecting a company, well in advance of the AGM, the Real Estate market too discounts such impacts much earlier. It does not wait for the D day, to show where it stands.

Considering the historic trend we can expect steady increase from current price level and the year 2014 should end with around 10% increase, with respect to 2013.

The prices of land and plots also will appreciate during the year.

Once the Telangana state presents its budget, everyone in Telangana including Hyderabad will forget about Andhra, that being a different state!  The prices of real estate in Hyderabad will zoom up to match with those in Bangalore & Chennai. 

The dream period of  low prices of properties in Hyderabad is almost over! A new chapter will open soon, which will be bad for  buyers, since they have to pay much more that they were used to.

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