Integrated Townships In Pune.
Jones Lang LaSalle [ 21/05/2013 ]

Townships are an idea whose time has undoubtedly returned. In Pune, patrons are currently hospitable residential property solutions that permit them to avoid or cut back the impact of the city’s challenged infrastructure.

The benefits

Integrated townships are, by nature, independent and independent in most civic and social infrastructure aspects, associated are patronized by an up-market phase of property patrons.

For these reasons, they conjointly tend to own evolved and well-equipped treatment facilities at intervals their premises, similarly as linkages to health care facilities outside the townships. The existence of those medical facilities may be an important value-add for today’s health-conscious residential patrons.

Apart from independent infrastructure, several of the townships in Pune conjointly provide a walk-to-work conception since they have a tendency of have a combination of workplace, retail and residential parts. they have a tendency to feature generous landscaping, serene atmosphere, colleges at intervals the field, massive club homes, health spa facilities for each indoor and out of doors sports, and multiplexes within the neck of the woods, health care, restaurants and enormous swimming pools.

These are rather effective enticements for those that are evaluating the choice of shopping for into a town against a smaller residential project.

Not All simple Sailing

The development of integrated townships may be a extremely capital-intensive enterprise. They’re launched in phases in order that the event remains viable to the developers. Capital generated from sales of preceding phase’s funds subsequent phases.

As a result, many more modern townships tend to own a work-in-progress aura concerning them. On-going construction will be associate inconvenience in some cases. Townships take a protracted time to succeed in completion; residential property patrons and investors have to be compelled to track progress closely. Solely the general absorption of finished units will provide a reliable indicator of possible completion timelines for buildings still at the look stage.

Buyers ought to even be aware that there's a 10-15% premium mark-up on the price of homes in integrated townships, which annual outgoings for maintenance conjointly tend to be vessel than for traditional properties.

Major Townships in Pune

The major existing townships in Pune are: 

•             Paranjape’s 120-acre Blue Ridge in Hinjewadi

•             City Group’s 400-acre Amanora Park city

•             The 400-acre Magarpatta town (almost utterly sold out)

•             Kolte-Patil’s’ recently launched 450-acre Life Republic close to Hinjewadi

•             Kumar Builders’ recently launched 102-acre Kul Nation at Manjri

•             Kumar Properties and Avinash Bhosale Industries Ltd (ABIL) 150-acre Megapolis at Hinjewadi (almost utterly sold out)

A Note on Plots in Integrated Townships

Townships are planned communities, therefore there are typically specific norms concerning the scale, configuration and art form that require to be followed. Plot homeowners can typically not be ready to cut down terribly removed from the present norms whereas constructing homes there, since the aim of associate integrated town is to supply a regular, well-balanced neighborhood.

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